Thursday, July 25, 2013

Justin Jackson: How Is He Doing It?

One of my favourite Minor Leaguers, for some reason, was Justin Jackson. 

I had high hopes for the 1st round pick at the time and thought the Blue Jays had just drafted Jimmy Rollins, only better. 

Sure, I was a delusional noob. I knew nothing about amateur players and I had put these completely unrealistic expectations on a kid who didn't have the raw tools to reach them. 

When the Jays decided to give up on Jackson and convert him to a pitcher after the 2012 season, I assumed it was over. 

Despite peripheral stats that are haunting, Jackson has kept a very good ERA alive in 32 innings in low A ball. 

Don't let his shiny 2.25 ERA fool you. His 6.8 BB/9 is not pretty and is higher than his K rate. He's also seen 6 unearned runs score behind him and it's tough to tell how he would do with stronger defense. 

Jackson has recently said goodbye to Lansing (which is sad as I've just recently discovered how close Lansing is London and was hoping to come see him in person) and is being promoted to Dunedin. 

Hopefully I will be able to get more of a scouting report than "mid 90s fastball" once more people get some eyes on him. 

We might have created our very own Sergio Santos. 

Either way, I'm still pulling for him and hope to see him in Toronto one day. 

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